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"Rocket Science brings a high energy, high tech presentation with their live show performances. Their use of synchronized lights and videos, along with their power-packed song list, sets them apart from typical club cover bands and gives their audience an arena concert feel. It’s big and it rocks. I’m glad to recommend Rocket Science and advise any venue, casino, festival or event looking for a top notch hard rock cover band to book them. You won’t be disappointed!"
~ Doug Burgess, President, DEB Concerts
Scott Squires​

“I enjoy loud rock n roll.”

Making music is my passion and I love to perform for a great audience.  I have been a big KISS fan since the 70s and I particularly enjoy metal, especially if it's from the 80s.  Outside of music, I enjoy the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls, St Louis Cardinals, and the Detroit Red Wings.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support.


Lets keep it going!

Janna Squires​

Starting at the age of 12, Janna has been performing in original and cover bands since the early 90s, opening for numerous national acts in Tulsa and the surrounding area. She currently also plays in original metal act Down For Five, which also includes Scott and former Rocket Science drummer Jeff Williams. Her biggest guitar influences growing up were Dokken guitarist George Lynch, White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta, and Stryper guitarists Oz Fox and Michael Sweet. One of Janna’s best musical memories is being invited to perform on stage with Dokken for the song, “In My Dreams” during their concert at the IDL Ballroom in Tulsa in 2017. She also got to play the National Anthem on the main stage at Rocklahoma 2019 to kick off the festival.

Doug Weber
Bass Guitar

Holding down the low end with the best beard around.

Jeff Williams

Tulsa native Jeff Williams has been active in the music scene since 1985, playing in several original and cover bands. In the 1980s, Jeff toured the country with the band LYTHIAS. Unfortunately, all members of that band died from "spontaneous human combustion," so the remainder of the tour dates were canceled and Jeff returned to Tulsa. In the 1990s Jeff played in the country band DILLON. As fate would have it, all other members of DILLON died in an incident that police described as a mystery "best left unsolved." In the 2000s, you could find Jeff behind the drum kit playing with SHANK, FLOWERS FOR ZOE, IDIUT BOX, MR PISTOL, THE HORNY TOADS and others. In 2010, Jeff formed the band ROCK SHOW with several of Tulsa’s top musicians. However, once again, all members of that band died in a "bizarre gardening accident" while Jeff was on holiday with his wife Ginger. As one last, final hooray in 2014, Jeff met with his favorite musicians and formed the band ROCKET SCIENCE, playing their first show in early 2015. Jeff took a brief hiatus from ROCKET SCIENCE in 2021 & 2022 when he was abducted by aliens. But now, in 2023 (and beyond), you will find him behind the kit bashing out all of his favorite classic rock tunes.

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