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Jeff Williams Returning To Rocket Science

The architect is back.

Founding Rocket Science member and drummer Jeff Williams is coming out of retirement and rejoining us. We could not be more thrilled and excited about this.

With Justin Barber's upcoming departure to pursue other musical opportunities, there really was no other choice in our mind to fill this vacancy. And, fortunately for us, he's ready to come back and rock.

Jeff brings back not only his excellent drumming skills, but technical expertise and vision that helped create the foundation for Rocket Science at its inception. He is a leader.

Jeff and Ginger’s days of lugging a PA around are over, so Braxton Gothard remains at the helm on sound and Will and Krystal Ashwood remain as our crew. The team is solid and the future is bright for us to continue bringing you our version of entertainment through live rock and roll.

Jeff's return will be in May at a private event on Friday, May 5, with his first public show back being Sat, May 13 at Lennie's Club & Grill. Make sure to come out that night and give him a warm welcome back to Rocket Science!

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